Our Services

Since 1992, we have catered Bar Mitzvahs, university events, weddings, birthdays, and corporate events as well as many other events throughout the Triangle and Piedmont area.  We take pride in professionally decorating and presenting delicious food; our mission is to create a catering that you will never forget.  

No matter your event or your budget, we can acomodate you and create a memorable catering. Take a look at our catering menu or fill out our catering request form to start planning your catering.

Family style meals

Reserve part of our restaurant and have your meal served family style or have your own buffet and take the left overs home.  Relax with your loved ones, savor our delicious food and enjoy our complimentary olive and feta cheese bar.

Elon Catering

Let us take care of the food for your next event at the Elon. We partner with Mill Point Catering on Elon's campus to bring you fresh, wonderful food straight from our kitchen to your table.   Take a look at our photo gallery to view some of our past caterings.

Elon Departments

We work with Elon departments to cater any type of event, from an open house to a department meeting. With a wide variety of foods to choose from (over 50 different options in our deli case) we can put together a meal that will appeal to your faculty, staff and students. Take a look at our catering menu or fill out our catering request form.

Boxed Lunches

Have a department luncheon planned?  Simply let us know what kind of sandwich you'd like in each lunch box and we'll put it all together for you.  Boxed lunches include sandwich, a side of pasta salad or potato chips, and a choice of baklava.  View our catering menu for sandwich types.

Bar Mitzvah Catering

Authentic foods from Jerusalem will make for a memorable Bar Mitzvah. We have been catering Bar Mitzvahs in the Triangle since 1992.  Catering is our passion.


For your Bar Mitzvah catering, we will help you select the menu from our deli case which has over 50 different middle eastern delicacies.  From fresh made pita, home-made hummus, baba ghannough and falafel to tender grilled kosher lamb or fresh tuna or chicken, we have a wide selection that will satisfy your family.  We can also help you select the best wines and beer that pair perfectly with your food selections.


Our food is prepared with great attention to detail.  Food presentation that pleases the eye is the perfect appetizer that prepares your guests to eat. Throughout the Triangle, we are known for our lavish cheese, olive and salmon platters, sizzling mountains of gyro and lamb, colorfully organized fruits dishes, fresh salads, and hand arranged desserts and flowers.

Corporate Catering

We have years of experience with corporate caterings in the Piedmont region.  Whether your business is having a casual luncheon or an up-scale dinner, we can meet your needs.   

Lunch Boxes

Our lunch boxes are perfect to add unique character to your business lunch.  Boxed lunch include sandwich and a side of pasta salad or potato chips and a choice of baklava.  We'll package it all in disposable containers and deliver it in the Piedmont and Greensboro area.  

Lunch and Dinner Events

We'll bring an exquisite food spread in authentic pottery dishes, linens, wine, and a courteous staff ready to direct it all at your company's dinner event.  With our wide range of dishes and years of experience, we'll help make your corporate event a smashing success.


A beautiful panorama of the buffet presentation we did at the Hampton Inn recently. This event included an ice sculpture shrimp boat featuring their logo. We can do similar things for other corporate events, and elegant ice sculptures for weddings or other special events.

Wedding Catering

We've catered many beautiful weddings in the Elon, Greensboro, and Piedmont area over the years.  In planning a wedding, choosing a professional caterer and deciding upon a set menu is an important decision. 

The Menu

Mediterranean food will add a unique charm to your special day that your guests will love, and we're more than happy to help you choose the perfect menu.  With an assortment of over 63 unique dishes, from vegetarian options to high quality meats, and a large wine selection, we'll match our art to your tastes.  Furthermore, we ensure that the menu will appeal to the entire family, from the ring bearer to the mother-in-law.  Simply tell us about your guests and we'll guide you through an unforgettable menu, perfectly portioned and balanced.

The Art of Display

"You feed the eyes before you feed the stomach" 

We take great pride is displaying our exquisite dishes in beautiful, hand-laid arrangements.  Guests will love the vibrant fruit displays, the sprawling shrimp scampi dishes dashed with fresh herbs, and the hummus spreads adorned with juicy tomatoes and olives.  We specialize in bringing food alive before the first taste.

Professional Service

Our professional staff will take care of every detail, including delivering the food, setting up the tables with clean linens and fine middle-eastern pottery dishes, and removing the set-up at the finish.  In addition, our courteous staff wear tuxedos and take care of serving meat dishes and pouring wine for guests.